All you need to know about iWEALTHe

What can you expect from the iWEALTHe experience?

At iWEALTHe we pride ourselves in educating in a fun and exciting environment. We will guarantee that you will learn something new and have fun at our events and webinars. You will learn and be empowered to make informed decisions to create wealth for you and your family. It is a very simple no cost and no obligation process. You will learn all of your options for creating wealth and living your dreams.

How does the Interest Refund work?

It’s simple! Fill out our iWEALTHe Interest Refund Calculator to discover how much cash flow we can free up for you. One of our professional wealth consultants will contact you with the results and to book your personalized Roadmap session with a licensed expert.

Is there a cost?

The iWEALTHe events and Roadmap have no out of pocket costs to you.  Any fees are tied into the Roadmap Plan. They are very transparent and would only be a small portion of the wealth we create for you. Our Credit Enhancement services offer a complimentary analysis and quote before anything is charged.

When are the Wealth Mastery Seminars held?

Our Wealth Mastery Seminars are held on Wednesday nights at 7pm. Presently, you can join us at the Twenty7 auto club to learn about the basic fundamentals of finance.

How does a Roadmap work?

You can book a free Roadmap session with one of our licensed professionals directly from the site. You will be shown some basic fundamentals of finance and how it can be applied to create wealth. Our licensed experts will analyse your present situation and show you all the options you have to pay off your debts and create a worry free retirement.

How does the Credit Enhancement work?

We provide a free analysis of your credit report. We will show you which derogatory items we can remove from your report which in turn will create a better credit score for you. 

What is the Tax Recovery Program?

Our experts can analyse the last 10 years of your tax returns to see if there were any overlooked credits that belong to you. This is a free service and you receive 66.6% of anything that is found.

How does the Bill Reduction coaching work?

Our team of knowledgeable experts will work on your behalf to find the lowest monthly rates for your current bills. Using comparable companies in the industry, our experts are often able to reduce your monthly bills. Knowledge of the industry is what gives our experts the advantage when it comes to finding the lowest rates for you. 

How can I get more information and speak to someone?

By clicking on the Contact Us tab, you can ask any questions you may have. One of our agents will get in touch with you within 24 hours.