Credit Enhancement

Why are you looking to improve your Credit Score?

  • Employers won’t hire you for that perfect job?
  • Unable to rent or lease an apartment or a house?
  • Is applying for a credit card or a Car Loan difficult?
  • Can’t get approved for a mortgage?
  • Are your insurance rates too high?

Listed above are the main challenges that most Canadians face when it comes to credit.  Whether it is credit card issuers, auto dealerships and mortgage lenders, landlords or employers and even insurance companies, they all look at an individual’s credit report and credit score to determine qualification.  How a person has handled their credit in the past will most likely determine how well they handle it in the future.

Welcome to the iWEALTHe Credit Enhancement Program.  Our objective is to help elevate the financial well being of all Canadians, and that process primarily starts with credit.  We recognized the importance of credit and how essential it is to repair it.  Our Independent Credit Consultants will analyze your credit report free of charge and help determine what is needed to enhance it.

Through our program, we are able to boost a person’s credit score by more than 70 points, within three to six months by removing all of the following items off both Equifax and Transunion credit reports:

  • Blemishes and derogatory remarks.
  • Settled judgments and collections.
  • Hard Inquiries.
  • Bankruptcies.

In addition to boosting credit scores, our Credit Consultants will also counsel and educate Canadians on how to keep their scores up, as well as increase them in the future and most importantly not damage it any further.

A good credit score is an absolute necessity for all Canadians for the future of their financial well being. So let our consultants at iWEALTHe help enhance that process by repairing your credit.